FOLLOW, Part One.. do you desire/want to?

At Every Nation London we are doing a 3 part series called “FOLLOW” – looking at what it means to “follow Jesus.”  To respond to Christ’s great invitation and radical call to follow Him is the most important decision you’ll ever make. In this first part I unpack what it means to “desire to come after Me” and what it means to “follow in faith”.

Whoever desires (wants) to come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow Me – Mark 8v34

Jesus calls on our “desire” and most start that way, but sadly we can so easily end up follow out of “duty,” forgetting our “first love…

This is not an information download on all that it means to be a disciple following Jesus. Rather, I’m looking to peel back a few layers and set (or reset) our hearts in the right direction…

You can listen to Part one from our website downloads here and download the PowerPoint with Scripture references.

Looking forward to part 2 this Sunday…


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