Join “Ultimate Gold” at the Olympics

Via our Stratford congregation we are partnering with the “Ultimate Gold” mission which runs right on the doorstep of the Olympic Park throughout the Olympic period. I and a bunch of others will be going out on Saturday 4th, meeting at St Johns (see our website link above) for a briefing at 11.00 – join us!

Check out details below including:

  1. Here’s a video invite from Andrew Holmes, pastor of our Stratford congregation – 46528725
  2. All details on our website here
  3. Updates from Andrew Holmes on whats been happening so far:
  • Day 1
    • At least 5 people made commitments to Jesus through the God Test alone
  • Day 2
    • A Sikh put faith in Christ after being prayed for at the ‘Prayer Zone’.
    • Prophetic evangelism (“Treasure Hunting”) lead to an encounter with a Mexican lady in a ‘purple jumper’ in a local Superdrug… she burst into tears when told “God loves you”.
    • Many God Tests done, including praying (her first time with someone else) with a French woman (married to an Israeli) who was very spiritual but didn’t want to commit to any religion or group, and sharing the Gospel and praying with 2 young girls – one Muslim, one Greek orthodox
  • Day 3
    • Took a team of Youth For Christ (including Brazilians, French and Scottish) out to do God Test this evening. Some very special encounters including the chance to share the Gospel and personal testimonies with two 16 year old Lithuanian girls, and a very lost young English girl
    • A couple of lapsed Christians invited to church and seemed eager
    • We’re only just starting and already it’s been an amazing experience. Nearly 100 people overall so far have made a response to Jesus – either first time or recommitment!
  • Day 4
    • Great atmosphere out here in Stratford… signs of the Olympics wherever you go. Spent the better part of today at St Johns where our Ultimate Gold festival is well under way. Did a few hours of God Tests with a team, and in that time at least 5 people prayed to receive Christ, and one prayed to recommit! Plenty of other activity going on too outreach wise.
  • Day 5
    • Briefly trained 8 teens from Youth for Christ, and 2 ladies from Christchurch Fulham in the God Test. I paired up with one of the Christchurch Fulham ladies (named Sarah). We did GT with 2 young Moroccan Muslim girls. One told how Jesus regularly visits her in dreams. Got to share with and pray for her, and left her with a Gospel booklet to help ‘interpret’ her dreams. Next GT with a young Muslim guy, shared the Gospel and Sarah had a word of knowledge at the end that he was a businessman facing some big decisions. Proved to be true! Prayed for him, and he was super-thankful.

God’s doing some special things out here… overall about 20 people a day are responding to Jesus, and being followed-up.

Also, has an extensive programme of the entire festival, and is updated daily. And finally, Firefalldown have confirmed they’re playing on Thursday, 9 August between 12pm and 4pm, in case anyone wants to come out then.

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