Churches Praying Together this Thursday

In Hammersmith this week we are closing all our Connect Groups and are joining together with a wide group of churches in the Borough to pray in agreement for the Olympics and for our city.  I have been in ministry long enough to know that unity amongst churches is something that many talk about, but when it comes to actually doing something – actually shutting down something of our own for the sake of the greater Cause – there are sadly only few who are willing to go that far. So come on, lets have a different Spirit and do something which is definitely on Gods heart for His church…

I DO believe that there IS power in agreement, and that God DOES command a blessing when we dwell together in unity, and I believe that some personal and church and city and nation breakthroughs will only come to pass when we acknowledge that we need one another, and join in AGREEMENT…

These are always and very encouraging time, so join us this Thursday for the Hammersmith & Fulham Churches Together Prayer event for the Olympics and for London.

Details are:

  • Venue: St Paul’s Hammersmith, just off the Hammersmith roundabout
  • Time: 19.30 – 21.00
  • Bring: We’ll be taking up a food collection and an offering for “Foodbank” – a church based charity which is making a real difference for the poor in this borough.
    • See the Foodbank website to see the vision etc… –
    • Items for congregants to bring, which currently need to be urgently restocked as they all contribute to a 3 day supply of food which is nuticianally balanced and dietician approved: long life milk, long life juice, Tinned sponge puddings, Small (500g) bags of sugar,     Tinned fruit, Smash (instant mash potato)
    • There will also be a Foodbank information table to find out more about this ministry, .



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