100km Paddle Completed!

Today Amy & reached Hammersmith Bridge to complete our 100km Stand Up Paddle Boarding trip down the Thames River!

Day 3 yesterday started with gale force winds and rain in the morning which postponed our early morning departure, but we headed out at midday and had quite a time on the river, and we made 23 km’s by the evening. We passed through Runnymede (Where King John signed the Magna Carta in 1215), and Hampton Court (Where King Henry had how many wives?!), through Kingston and ended in Teddington.

Today was our last day with 17km to go, with strong winds mostly from behind, and a good current flowing, it was the easiest day. I see Hammersmith Bridge most days on my way in to the office, but was sure glad to see that beautiful ridge today!


Thank you for all the support and sponsorship – the target £600 has been surpassed with enough to sponsor another teen to go on one of our awesome Every Nation London summer camps! Any further gifts received will continue to go to sponsor more of our local youths to go to a life-changing camp.

The Last two days in Pictures (See my previous Post for Day 1 & 2 Photo’s)

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