In Edinburgh this week…

This week I am in Edinburgh for our annual Every Nation “Europe Pastors Equipping Gathering” – with leaders from Germany, Austria, Ireland, England, Scotland, Poland, France, Spain, Russia & Belgium… & USA.

Its always fantastic to meet these leaders again face to face and share this God-adventure It was my privilege to do the opening focus message tonight which I titled “spoo-day’ powered leadership” (from Romans 12v6 – …”those who lead, with diligence [Greek: spoo-day’ in phonetic spelling] + 1 Peter 4v11 …let him who ministers it with the power/ability which God supplies…)

Our main input track is some very specific coaching equipping by Kevin York – looking forward to a significant week – appreciate your prayers

Here’s a picture I took on my quick run this afternoon… expect something good on your road this week too!

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