Memories & memorials…

I recently found these old photo’s… here’s some of the story…

I answered the call into vocational ministry in 1991, at a church in Port Elizabeth which was right on the doorstep of my alma mater, the University of Port Elizabeth. I’d arrived at Uni 6 years earlier, fresh out of the Navy and a less than 2 year old Jesus follower. I got involved in this Assembly of God church (Now “Church on the Way) because I simply walked to the closest church once I got to Uni. It was a newish church and I got straight involved and getting a campus ministry going, and the next 6 years while studying and then working were an awesome God adventure there.

But back to the photo’s: When I say “Yes” to Gods call and resigned my career, the first thing that happened was someone gave our campus/youth ministry a fairly large cash donation, and one of the first things I did was to buy an old bus, and set about to renovate it and turn it into a mobile coffee shop. We painted it Red like a real London Bus (at that stage I had no idea about our call to London, where we’d be less than two years later!) Mostly the bus was parked on our church car park right at the entrance to the University, and on Friday nights it hummed with students after our legendary Friday night student “Hour of Power” meetings. Good times!

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As I preached at our Dublin church’s ten year anniversary recently as we looked back at Gods incredible faithfulness with that church through many trials & triumphs:

“Memories are not just sentimental nostalgia, but they are memorials that remind us of Gods faithfulness in the past, to fuel our faith and expectation for the future.”

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