Join Online+Onsite Bible School in March…

Our Online+Onsite Bible School initiative is now running monthly in Hammersmith, Slough & also Dublin. This months subject in London is “Dynamic Discipleship” and like I preached yesterday in the “I am called” message, I believe that anyone can live 100% fulfilled in Gods calling if they just hear and obey Jesus’ two calls to each one of us: First to “come to Me” and second to “go and make disciples.”

There is no more exciting and fulfilling and eternally significant cause you can give yourself to in this life than to be a disciple of Jesus and to be on a life’s mission to make disciples with Jesus. In this subject we dig into the meat of what it means to be one, and what it takes to make one…

3 Steps to get going:

  1. Download the notes here
  2. Wathch the 6 video teaching sessions during March here
  3. Join me in Hammersmith on the last Monday of the month, the 26th March, 19.00 at the church offices (or check details for Slough)

Please don’t stay a Christian who is not solidly equipped to live fruitful for Jesus – so join the Bible School Adventure! – its FREE!!

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