Get out of spiritual nappies…

Tonight is our monthly Hammersmith BIBLE SCHOOL NIGHT and this month we’re covering the subject of THE FIRST TEACHINGS from Hebrews 5v12 – 6v3. The writer says that these first teachings or “sayings/doctrines” of God are essential for anyone who wants to graduate from being a spiritual baby/infant (Greek: Nepios; Phonetic Spelling: nay’-pee-os, read as “in nappies fully dependant on sucking from a bottle prepared by someone else…)

For anyone who does teach/share the gospel and God’s word, these teachings/principles/doctrines must form the essential filter for your teaching, because without these you will teach a legalistic, works-based, no-power, no-covenant, no-hope kind of message – definitely not the truth as intended by God. But when you get these deep into your understanding and spirit, you will go on to maturity and be able to lead others into maturity in Christ.

Join me at the Hammersmith office tonight for (Or in Slough or Dublin where they are also doing the “Online+Onsite” School, or in Stratford where we have a weekly onsite school.) Or just do it all via our online videos & notes, but whatever you do, don’t stay in spiritual nappies, because you are destined for maturity to fulfil Gods call on your life…

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