Do “The First Teachings” in our February Online+Onsite Bible School

Our “Online+Onsite” Bible School Subject for February is “The First Teachings”

These are absolutely essential truths that every believer needs to have in the bedrock of their faith. These take you on to maturity and equip you to be “a teacher, and not a hearer only.” Remember, maturity does come by passing of time, but rather by knowing and living the truth!  Foundations are not “basic” – they are essential, and living out them is the real “meat” of Gods word.

An introduction from the notes:

If you want to build something great in life, you need a solid and adequate foundation to build on. Without this your house WILL fall down when the storms come, and come they will.  I believe that in every generation God looks all over the earth for a person and a people who have laid a solid foundation for their faith, and as He finds such foundations He will build something significant on these to proclaim the Good News of Jesus and to glorify His Name.

The question is: How solid are your faith foundations right now? Is it time to strengthen your foundations so that you can go to the next level of relationship, ministry, leadership, and fruitfulness? 

So here’s how you can get going NOW:

  1. Download the notes here
  2. and start watching the 5 First Teaching videos here,
  3. then and join me and a group in Hammersmith on Monday 27 February 19.00-21.15 for a great evening of recap, Q&A and application of this vital and empowering subject. ALL FREE!

(Note, if you are part of the Slough congregation, this will be on a different day for you – to be announced)

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