Identity Truth 2: “I am Forgiven!”

We all need many second chances! Without forgiveness, your identity will always be tarnished with guilt, shame & condemnation. Like Adam & Eve, sin changes us from living “naked & unashamed” to living “ashamed and covering up”, hiding from God and separated from Him, from others and from our destiny.  But then THE GOSPEL: That Christ took our sin on Himself and died in our place for our sin on the cross! He became sin for us that we could be right with God in Him! 

Today, don’t let sin and your past separate you from God… Bring your sin to Him in repentance & faith, and in Jesus Christ you can be free and declare: I AM FORGIVEN!  Then your identity will be like Paul’s:

But by the grace of God I am what I am…” – 1 Cor 15:10

 Listen to the download here…

At the Hammersmith service...

Powerful moment when we all nailed our confessed sin on the cross before taking communion...

Christ died for the sins of the whole whole... including all in London!
A very special time of worship in Hammersmith yesterday!

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