Identity Truth 1: “I am created in His image”

God created us in His image… and ever since we have been hard-wired to conform to an image – the question is: Which image will you conform to?

I am created in His image… and here’s the story from there:  Sin messed/messes up that image… the world presents an image for me to conform to, but its always a lie (that caused me to “cover up” just like Adam & Eve tried)…  Then God comes to reveal Himself to us in Jesus Christ is the exact representation of the image I was created in… In Him I am reminded of who I was created to be… The Good News is: In Christ I am a (re)new(ed) creation… And: I AM COMPLETE (Full/satisfied/perfected) IN CHRIST” 

Download and listen to the the Identity Part 1: “I am created (in His image)” here – I trust it will be a blessing to you.


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