Fasting – Expect the Power…

Fasting is not an end in itself, and nor just a means to an end. In itself, it enriches the spirit, but through it, it impacts your world by the power of God released in a new measure through you…

In Luke 4 we read that “Jesus, being full of the Holy Spirit, was led by the Spirit into the wilderness, and He ate nothing

Then after His fasting and overcoming temptation, the Scripture records that “He came out in the power of the Spirit.”   Note: He went in “led by the Spirit”, and came out “in the power of the Spirit.”  This is another mystery of fasting: Some things (like Jesus casting out the unclean spirit in Mark 9) are made possible by fasting. It seems that the space that fasting creates in ones body/soul/spirit is filled with a new measure of God, and that ALWAYS makes a difference to your next move!

What’s the difference between “being filled with the Spirit” and “being in the power of the Spirit?” Whatever it means, Jesus had this power after fasting and resisting satan’s temptation (including satan’s offer of “bread” to meet His hunger need).  Afterwards He then went into the synagogue “as His custom was” (i.e. He did what He had always done – everything seemed the same as before), but that day everything would change! Having read from the book of Isaiah, He declares that “today this word is fulfilled” and that “the Spirit of the Sovereign Lord is upon Me.” From here Jesus goes on in this power to “preach the gospel (Good News) of the Kingdom of God.” The power was manifest!

When you come to the end of a fast (in whatever way you have fasted) believe for a greater “power of the Spirit” released in your life.

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