The mystery of fasting…

Fasting is a mystery. How does it work? What really happens? I would not call myself an expert on fasting in any way, but I am sure that fasting is more a spiritual art than a spiritual science. It doesn’t work according to a formula.

There is certainly enough Biblical and testimonial evidence to show that something powerful happens when we fast.  I believe that fasting releases things, often not even necessarily the things we focus on.  It’s more about us hearing Him, than Him hearing us. It’s more about us focusing on Him, than getting Him to focus on us. It’s more about the mystery of “seeking first the Kingdom of God, and being right with Him”, and seeing “all these things added to us.” (Matthew 6v33)

There was a season in my early Christian life (this was before being in “full-time” ministry ?!) where I fasted one day every single week. It was a discipline to fulfill my desire for God as above. I have also at times fasted for specific things. Once I did a quasi-spiritual “grape-diet” for 21 days focusing on an illness I had. The only result I got from the grape fast is that to this day I can’t eat green grapes without some strange reaction in my jaw!   As a leadership we have also fasted for wisdom and direction, and God seems to have spoken and guided in significant ways. Fasting definitely has “results” – in Matthew 6: 16-18 Jesus says:  When you fast, [note: not “if”]…. your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.”

Fasting is not about a formula to get Gods attention, but more about “drawing near in faith” and seeking His Kingdom through an empty stomach, a hungry heart, and a spirit overflowing with thanksgiving… and as you fast, just know that know that God is up to something good!

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