Hammersmith Congregation UpDate:

This is going to be an exciting history making year in London!  If you were taking part in the Olympics this summer, you would right now be diligently following a very specific training routine to get yourself 100% prepared for success at the big event. You would be excited, focussed, disciplined, being coached, and dreaming of what could be if it all came together for you on the day.
As believers we too can have such an anticipation for 2012, and as a church we want to be a people and a place where each of us can be encouraged & empowered to reach for all God has called us to in Christ. We’ve got some key events lined up to help us get prepared – please join in and lets believe and live large for Jesus!
START the year by stopping…
We start off with our week of prayer & fasting from next Monday the 9th – see here for more details, and please join in by:
  • FASTING with your personal chosen fast,
  • PERSONAL DEVOTION – use the seven day devotional via the link above
  • PRAYING WITH THE CHURCH at our all church prayer evening on Thursday the 12th if you can.
  • Sun 15 – Our Vision Focus 2012 – We share what we believe the Spirit is saying to the church for the next season…
  • Mon 22 – Connect Groups launch again this week – lets do life together!
  • Thu 26 – An Alpha Course starts in Hammersmith – do you know anyone you could invite?
  • Mon 30 – NEW: Bible School Night, in January covering the subject “Getting to Grips with the Gifts”. Do the 5 sessions of this subject for free via online video & notes, and then come along to this Monday for an evening with Wolfi of review, Q&A, application & impartation. Read more here, and get growing!
  • Sat 4 Feb, Deliverance Seminar – Equipping you to minister freedom and walk in freedom
  • Tues 7 Feb, All Leaders Evening
  • Sat 25 & Sun 26 Feb, Victory Weekend for guys & girls combined
  • 17-25 March, An Outreach Mission to Marseille
  • Sat 10 March, Women’s INSPIRE Day
  • Sat 19 May, Men’s IGNITE Day
And finally, remember: “God the Father has his eye on you, and has determined by the work of the Spirit to keep you obedient through the sacrifice of Jesus. May everything good from God be yours!” – 1 Peter 1v2, The Message
In 2012, we will be disciples who Make Disciples & Make a Difference 
With love and appreciation for you all,
Wolfi & Ali & the gang…

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