NEW Online+Onsite Bible School initiative

Bible School changed my life!  100’s and 100’s of people have said this after getting the dynamic, rich and relevant teachings which are part of the Every Nation London Bible School. All the first year teachings are now on video online FOR FREE on our Bible School website. Besides the live onsite school we have in Stratford this year, you can now get the best of the new ONLINE + ONSITE experience this year…

Here’s how:

Each month do the teachings of one subject online, and then come along to our Hammersmith office venue on the last Monday evening of the month where I and others will do a solid review, Q&A, application & impartation of the truth of the months subject.

  • January subject: “Getting to Grips with the Gifts”, on Monday 30th, 19.00 – 21.00
    • Do you wonder where you fit? What your purpose is? What your personal gifts are and how best to use them for Gods glory?  These teachings will help you understand how you are S.H.A.P.E.D and what the bible says spiritual gifts and their use. It will help to clarify your gifting, and inspire you to become active in using the unique gifting God has given you. We’ll help you to set goals for growing in your ministry fruitfulness.

The next three subjects after that will be:

  • In February: “The First Teachings”
  • In March: “Dynamic Discipleship”
  • In April: “Understanding your authority as a believers”

How to get going:

Simply go to the Bible School website at and download the notes and watch the first videos here

No registration is required, but you can only attend on the Monday evening if complete all the subjects videos before. When you have completed all 12 first year subjects you will be eligible to graduate and receive the first year certificate.  (I’m making a concession to this for January 2012 as you may not have had time to cover all the videos – so just come along on the 29th January and get a taste to see if its for you – althought at least try to watch the first two videos and print off the notes.) 

Bible School CAN change your life, because Gods Word can change your life! So come on, get radical & just do it…

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