merry chrismoos!

A note about our 2011…

“The wind and the waves are on the side of the ablest navigator” (a quote my mom wrote to me when I finished school.) For us, this has been a year of needing to navigate wisely through a bunch of winds sweeping over the spiritual, economic & church landscape in London. As we look back, we can truly say that once again our God has been faithful to see us through, and our family, the London church and our Europe church plants are in a healthy place not just having survived, but ready to thrive in 2012

  • This year Ali & I celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary in beautiful Prague – see the pics & some marriage thoughts here 
  • Amy did really well in her GCSE’s and has now moved to a great new school for her A-levels, and Abby is excelling academically as well as musically on the piano and guitar. We are so proud of our two stunning girls!
  • Between us our travel this year took us to France, Spain, Germany, Ireland, USA, Ukraine, Poland, Isle of Man, Scotland, South Africa, Czech Republic… the every nation adventure continues!
We pray that whatever you have needed to navigate through in 2011, that you will have a growing confidence in the God of all hope to lead you through and into all 2012 will hold for you.
…and may Christ be in your Christmas!
Wolfi, Ali, Amy & Abby
After the moose I thought that I at least needed to add another more Christmassy looking pic - I took this one in Prague recently...

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