Every Nation London Staff… Goodbyes & Vacancies…

Here are a few pics from our Every Nation London staff team Christmas outing yesterday… we decided that we’d use the opportunity to see some of the great city together… eat at Christmas Markets on the South Bank, and ended up for coffee & cake at the stunning Salvation Army International HQ building cafe which is between St Paul’s Cathedral & the Millennium bridge… great day for a great team!

Not all staff represented in the pics, but you catch the idea that its a great team committed to working seriously smart & hard for the fulfilment of our mission… while having some fun along the way!

Staff goodbyes this week…

This past weekend we said goodbye to two long-term staff members of our Hammersmith congregation: Darren Parker, and Gerald Smith. These guys both served the church wholeheartedly and went well beyond the second mile, Darren in our Hammersmith congregation operations, and Gerald in our Kids ministry. A huge thank you to both of them, and we pray for Gods richest blessings on their next season in seeking non-church employment. You guys have made a huge difference!

By the way, we currently have two Job vacancies at EN London we are prayerfully interviewing for:

  1. Youth/Kids worker in Hammersmith congregation (Full Time)
  2. Finance Reporter for our central finance dept. (part time)

Both job descriptions & details can be viewed on our website at www.everynation.co.uk/jobs . Do contact us if you are interested, and pass this on to anyone you think it may be applicable to. Thanks. (I’ll post this separately as well in next few days)

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