An invitation to Dance your way through…

Recently we have had to make some tough decisions in a few areas of ministry here in London, and in such times it can be easy to see “walking by faith” as a kind of committed military march that we must keep on as we press through the tough times and valleys with a view to making it through. But at our staff prayer meeting this week, as we were taking some time to wait on the Holy Spirit’s leading, Ali had this word that just spoke so deeply to us and brought me much peace. It was a picture of us on a dance floor, and the Lord coming saying: “I am inviting you dance with Me. Will you take My hand and let me lead you in the dance.” 

Dancing is more than just head, it’s also heart. Its heart to heart. Now, I’m not much of a dancer, but I do very much get the message: You don’t have to “march” your way through stuff, you can “dance” your way through with Him – if only you will take His hand and let Him lead you…

Yes Lord, I’ll dance with you! 

If this speaks to you too, why not put on this song by Jesus culture, and also say “yes Lord, I’ll dance with you”…

Check out this amazing dance here, and don’t let anything hold you back!

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