Raising more faith Heroes this Sunday!

This Sunday our HEROES series continues in all our congregations. We are looking at lessons of faith we can learn from the men and women listed in teh “Hebrews 11 hall of faith”, and we’ve already got so much from Abel, Enoch, & Noah. All the sermon downloads are available on our website here. This Sunday we go for a big one: Abraham.

Looking specifically at what is highlighted from his life in Hebrews 11, we learn that having faith means to have “an active firm relying trust” that holds on to Gods promises from start to finish. The last word on his life, in Genesis 25:8, is that “he died at a ripe old age, having lived a long and satisfying life” – What a way to live! May today’s message help and encourage you in your own faith walk… all the way to the great finish.

Faith is not a formula – its a lifestyle. Join us this Sunday and get a radical faith boost & make-over!

By the way, I’ve been finding heroes all over the place…

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