Love Ukraine men’s building mission feedback…

We’re back from the Ukraine!   Our team of 7 men from London were joined by 5 men from the Every Nation Church in Lviv, and spent a week working hard on a significant next phase upgrade (after our teams efforts last year) to the old house which is used by our Lviv church as a base to serve up to a hundred poverty-stricken families in that region of the Carpathian mountains. We made good progress and the house now has running water pumped from a well, sewerage drainage, a large loft space for extra sleeping space, an indoor shower and basin with hot water from a boiler, and even an indoor toilet – probably the best toilet in the mountains!

Thank you for all who supported the mission with your prayers and finances. Here’s a photo summary of what we got up to…

PS: Our next mission for London is to Madrid in October – want to go? see here for details.

2 thoughts on “Love Ukraine men’s building mission feedback…

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