The LoveUkraine Mission is on!

This morning I depart with a bunch of men from London to the Ukraine for our annual “LoveUkraine” mission, which we’ve been doing up to the Carpathian mountains for the past few years. Everyone who’s been, including my daughter Amy who went on a youth mission there, says how they’ve been impacted to see the depravity that still exits right here in Europe.

Our task is mainly focussed on some building work, connecting with some men from our Every nation church in Lviv, who will be coming with us, and also connecting with the locals in the villages.

Check out some photos of previous trips here

Our London team is made up of 2 X Brazilians, 2X English, 1 X Polish, 1 X Zimbabwean, and me (Namibian/German/South African/English?!)

Appreciate your prayers!

If you would like to support the trip financially, especially to raise the £1200 for the building materials, please go to the giving page at – Thank you!


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