Broken walls & burnt gates =

Listen to part 2 of my “Rebuilders of the City” here. A few points:

  • Nehemiah was willing to leave his “citadel” (the safe place there he served the king) to go to the city that was in ruins. For a disciple of Christ, there is not conflict between seeking Gods “presence” and “purpose”, because Jesus promised: “Go…and I will be with you always….”
  • How are your “walls” & “gates” doing?  Have your walls, like the moral lines of our society, “slowly eroded” (as in the words of David Cameron).
  • When you have prayed and mourned and fasted about the things you are concerned about, what will you do? Make sure that you than have a clear answer when the king asks you “What do you want to do (about it)?” (Neh 2:4-5). If you don’t have a clear “send me” vision, you will probably never be a part of the solution.
  • Once you have a vision to start building, you will face resistance at every stage, and you/we will have to overcome this resistance if we are to do anything significant in and through our lives:
    • At the start, your enemy will ridicule, laugh & despise you… (Neh 2:18-19)
    • When you are halfway, your enemy will try to discourage you (Neh 4:6-11)
    • When you are finished building your walls, your enemy will try to distract you off your wall. (Neh 6:1-4)

Whatever you do – overcome the resistance, and keep rebuilding!

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