ACTivate Wednesdays in August…

Its time to get ACTivated!

If you are in London anytime in August, join us for the ACTivate Wednesdays. Here’s what its about:

“God’s Way is not a matter of mere talk; it’s an empowered life” 1 Cor 4:20 (The Message)

Jesus promises his disciples power to get up and go be his witnesses. But sometimes it can be hard to get started. On these Wednesdays in August we will be putting our faith into action. Join us as we meet together, worship together and get empowered in the Hop Poles pub in Hammersmith, and then we’re going to go out for up to an hour of getting active in sharing the good news of Jesus.

No prior experience or confidence is required. We have a range of activities that we’ll be doing in pairs – from prayer walking to handing out invite flyers to engaging people in gospel conversations – so there will be a suitable activation step for everyone.

Join us, and put some spiritual acts into your spiritual living this Summer!

Details: The first 4 Wednesdays in August, 19.00 at the Hop Poles pub in Hammersmith overlooking Lyric Square – Venue details here

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