The ACTivate adventure: Chapter 27, Sat 11 June

We’re on the second last day of the ACTivate adventure! This chapter 27 starts on a ship and ends in a shipwreck… here are some great “peace in he storm” thoughts from Tami Wright, our children’s pastor in the Hammersmith congregation:

Peace in the storm:

Can you imagine being caught in this storm?     It wasn’t just a few hours of wind and waves like the disciples endured while Jesus slept, but days and days- in fact over 14. Imagine not seeing daylight for over 14 days- never knowing which wave is going to be the one to destroy the ship that your life depends upon. And yet- in the midst of all the chaos, here is Paul- a prisoner- but the only man able to look at the storm but still believe that the rescue would come.

What was it about Paul that meant that even though the storm continued to howl around him he could tell the people on board that they would be saved, and believe it himself? You can see him- while everyone else was running around like chickens without heads, Paul seemed to be quietly sitting and waiting for the rescue.

  1. Paul listened to God instead of allowing the very real, very intimidating, very terrifying events that raged around him to decide how he would feel. Of course he must have been scared? The angel who appeared to him said: “Do not be afraid, Paul.”, so he must have been scared, but he didn’t allow the fear to drown out the voice of God.
  2. Not only did he listen but he spoke it out. He told the rest of the passengers and crew on the ship that everyone would be saved and I doubt anyone else had faith to believe what he said.
  3. He stepped out in faith by making everyone eat – dying men don’t need food! – and he made sure that everyone stayed together to witness the miracle that God had in store.

His words: So keep up your courage,  for I have faith in God that it will happen just as he told me. (Acts 27: 25) show again how Paul trusted God even though the words of God probably seemed impossible as the storm raged around him.

This is spiritual living- being in the midst of the storm but still experiencing the peace of God that passes all understanding and being able to step out in faith, believing His word.

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