The ACTivate adventure: Chapter 24, June 8th

Todays ACTivate blog post is from ACTs chapter 24, by Greg Albreght who leads our Every Nation congregation in Slough…

‘You mean right now?!’

In Mondays “What’s your Story” ACTivate post, Andrew wrote about sharing the story of how Jesus changed your life. As much as I always believed it’s a good idea, I never seemed to find the ‘right’ moment. I’ve since come to realise that there will probably never be a right or comfortable moment. In fact, it’s often been at the most unexpected of times that I’ve had the privilege of sharing my story.

In today’s chapter 24, we see the apostle Paul arriving in Caesarea to be examined by the governor. While the governor has a lot of authority on Paul’s life expectancy, it seems as if Paul gets the opportunity to influence the governor’s life expectancy… that is his eternal life expectancy.   Paul gets the opportunity to share Jesus with a very powerful man and his wife at what seems to be a very unexpected time.

Sometimes I feel like asking the Holy Spirit: ‘you mean right now?!’   Once, I was sitting in an office talking to a mortgage advisor when we started talking about Every Nation Church and faith and so on. The guy was quite intrigued, so I asked if we could pray together… right there in his office. It was a real awesome God moment, but the whole time I was thinking: ‘what the heck is going on?!’

Yet another part of Spiritual Living is recognising that the Holy Spirit can turn the most unexpected or awkward of moments into life-changing ones.   It’s probably always going to be an uncomfortable situation – in a public place where other people can hear what you’re saying or with family who still think of you as the irresponsible person you were ten years ago. Ultimately… eternally, what have you got to lose?   The person you’re speaking to, on the other hand, has so much to gain.

Why not ask the Holy Spirit to help you recognise the potential in every conversation you have today?   You might not be able to explain everything you believe, but you might be able to sow a seed or water someone else’s.

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