The ACTivate adventure: Chapter 19, Fri 3rd June

Today’s ACTivate thoughts from ACTS chapter 19 come to us from Darren Parker, the man who as the Hammersmith congregations operations director brings order to our chaos!

Collateral Damage …

Acts 19 is yet another chapter of Paul, the Spirit filled man on a mission. He has the directive and empowerment from God and he knows the urgency and importance of the job at hand.  After reaching Ephesus he soon enrolls and equips 12 fellow comrades and hits the synagogue and then the lecture hall. That’s when it kicks up another level and God comes through with the extraordinary miracles through Paul.

Others see this elite partnership and try to copy it for themselves, only to have their bare butts kicked!    This in turn causes major tremors across Ephesus, with the open repentance of many and the public burning of some very expensive documents. 

As more and more people are becoming Christians, the market demand for idols is on the decline, a serious concern to the city’s economy and so erupting into a riot in the great Temple of Artemis – one of the Seven Wonders of the World!

With all this collateral damage in the natural, it sounds like a script from an all action film, nothing like real life, ‘extraordinary miracles’ – I would be happy with just one ordinary miracle!

But read again the chapter and highlight what Paul actually did in the natural:

  • Prayed and placed his hands on them.
  • Spoke boldly and had discussions.

… and what did God do through Paul in the spiritual:

  • Filled them with the Holy Spirit.
  • Did extraordinary miracles.
  • Convicted many to repent publicly and become Christians.
  • In his Spiritual Living, Paul always took the first step and allowed God to follow through.

So in your Spiritual Living today, can you do what Paul did and allow God to do what He did?

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