The ACTivate adventure: Chapter 12, May 27

We have got to ACTS chapter 12 – todays post is by Simon Bardone, pastor of our London “6PM” congregation which meets on Imperial College campus in South Kensington… at 6PM. 

Captives freed…

Peter, the ‘rock’, the early churches’ lead pastor, had been arrested, imprisoned, and like James, was most assuredly awaiting death. How many people do you know

currently sitting on death row? Not many? Me neither. However… I do know many people waiting out eternal death sentences behind the bars of sin and spiritual deception. Not to over-spiritualize the story, but if God is able to literally bust Peter out of maximum security prison, couldn’t He set people free from inner, spiritual  bondage as well? If so, then what’s stopping us from praying like Peter’s church? What’s ironic (and encouraging for someone like myself) is that even though the believers were earnestly praying for Peter’s deliverance, when he actually showed up at their gate, they couldn’t believe that it was really him. “You’re out of your mind.” they told the poor girl who had gone to see who it was.

Why is it that the church found it so hard to believe that God had the power to set Peter free? Why do we find it so hard to believe that God is able (and willing!) to set our friends, family, colleagues and neighbors free? If we only knew how powerful the Lord is to answer His people’s prayers, perhaps we would pray more often and more earnestly for those who are being held captive in spiritual bondage.

Spiritual living means praying the captives free!

Pray someone free today…

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