My message to William & Kate…

Royal wedding fever is gripping the great city, and I’m trying to put myself in the shoes of the Archbishop of Canterbury who will be conducting the wedding ceremony with a global audience of around 2 billion people tuning in to listen/watch!   What a responsibility!  What an opportunity!
What would I say if I had this opportunity to speak to 2 billion people? What would you say to William & Kate about marriage, and to the 2 billion others listening?

This Sunday at Every Nation in Hammersmith 10.30 and Stratford 15.30 services also my message is “A Message to William & Kate…and you.”  I’ll share what I think I’d say to them about marriage, and to the audience tuned in. And of course we’ll set the scene complete with our own dressed up bride & groom, the wedding march, and I may even wear a suit & tie for the occasion…

OK, there wont be quite 2 billion people there, but you are invited, and we’ve got some space for a few of your friends, so join us for a great service as we share some radical life-changing truth & tips about relationships and life as only Jesus can give…

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