The Red Cross & St George

April 23rd is St Georges Day here, when we (ok, some) fly the Flag of St George’s and celebrate this patron Saint of England who slew the dragon…

St George’s story is part fact part fiction. He was a real person in history, martyred in 303AD for his Christian faith, but of course the dragon slaying thing is a myth… Its also seriously doubted whether this patron Saint of England actually ever set foot on England…

This makes me think of another red cross. The wooden one on which Jesus Christ died about 2000 years ago. Its historical fact that He lived and died, and there’s massive evidence that He rose from the dead after slaying the real dragon – the Devil – on the cross. Fact or Fiction? What have you decided? As for me, every day is Jesus day… how significant that this year St Georges Day falls right between Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday!

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