LoveLife Part 6 – Sex on Fire [remix] Q&A

LoveLife Part 6 is a panel discussion response to the piles of questions which have been sent in throughout the series. The purpose of the session is not about giving absolute and definitive answers to these questions, as you will agree that this would be impossible to do in the 40 minutes we’ve got for this in the service. Rather we wanted to highlight some key questions, and by open and frank discussion and comments begin to encourage and fuel a culture in which these things are and can be discussed openly amongst us.  you can listen to / download the panel discussion here, and you can see the the questions we covered in the slideshow below.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Check out this sessions VoxPops video here (The whole panel discussion is not available on video – this will be back for the last two messages in this series):

Only Two more great LoveLife sessions to go! Join us at one of our congregations this Sunday in London… next is “Love me Do” – its all about how to keep your heart and hope alive…

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