LoveLife Part 5 – Sex on Fire

This weeks LoveLife song starts on a bed, and ends in a garden. (Video of message at bottom of this post)

First verse: 1 All night long on my bed I looked for the one my heart loves; I looked for him but did not find him. …. (Last verse in chapter 4 v 16) – 
Let my beloved come into his garden and taste its choice fruits.

We follow the lovers journey as they wrestle with their sexual passions and make choices and decisions. We cover chapter 3 & 4 of the Song of Songs, and take a straight-talking look at the subject of sex as part of relationship.

Here’s the story of these two chapters in summary: She is lying on her bed, longing for her lover (This could be him lying longing too…). She desires him … get up, goes to the city… (where will you go to find love?). She finds him, grabs hold of him and will not let him go.. drags him to her mother’s bedroom where she was conceived (its obvious what that’s a picture of…). Then suddenly, for the second time in this Song, she says STOP!!! HELP ME! This is not pleasing. This feels so great, but there is something wrong with the way this is going!  Where IS it going?

So from verse 6 it’s like the story rewinds, and she gets behind her veil and locks up her sexual garden, and Solomon has t

o make a different move. His move starts with him coming out of the wilderness in a chariot decked out with true love… we read the word wedding, veil, and bride… and it all culminates at the end of ch 4 with – Let my beloved come into his garden and taste its choice fruits.

Some thoughts:

  • At first she wanted himin her bed, but she quickly realised that that was not what she really wanted.
  • She wanted him in her garden. “Come into his garden” is much more than sexual intercourse or sexual interaction. Garden is the whole deal of a fulfilling satisfying godly covenant marriage relationship.
  • Every garden has a bed, but not every bed is in a garden…
  • Fulfilment never comes just from the bed, it comes from the garden.
  • She looked for love in a bed, but only found it in a garden
  • You will never find the love you are looking for on a bed, only in a garden, and if the relationship is marriage between a man and a woman, that includes a bed…
  • Your sexuality actions & attitudes and activities have a serious direct impact on your relationships, and you must get a grips with them (excuse the pun) in order to have a fulfilled relationship.
  • What happens on the bed can either bless or burn your relationship. The truth is that many a great relationship has been spoilt because you got into bed before you got into the garden.

Now join me in this message as I make this story relevant to our lives today, and do some straight talking about the journey to the bed… Here’s the video message, or you can listen or download audio messages from our website here:

Join us this Sunday for LoveLife Part 6: Sex on Fire [the remix], where a panel chosen by you does a Q&A on the top questions you asked last week.

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