LoveLife Part 3: “Make That Move”

Part 3 covers Song of Songs Chapter 2 v 2 – 13

This part of the Song of Songs is about the two being drawn to one another and moving quickly from the banqueting house to the bedroom, before they come to their senses and say STOP to the passion driving the move! Don’t stir up love until it pleases (v7).  They overcome the “BRP” (Brain Relocation Phenomenon – more on this in the message) which often takes over and messes up a move into fulfilled relationship as passion (Eros love) takes over friendship and true getting to know one another intimacy. They realise that there must be a better way to get to know one another, and from the man moves to “the cleft of a rock”, which is a safe place from which he focusses rather on “hearing her voice and seeing her face” (ie, really getting to know her.)

There is SO much amazing helpful wisdom in this section that I ended up preaching for an hour! I didn’t notice anyone falling asleep though, because as always these are very relevant truths to the frequent stirrings of our hearts, and we had a good bunch of great feedback of this truth ministering to them. There is also some good encouragement and challenge for married couples in here, encouraging them to keep “making that move” on their spouses…

Here below is my message from Sunday on video, and as usual you can listen to this same message from any of our congregations on our website here. (There’s a short ministry finance update at the beginning, with which we’d appreciate your prayers and support as you are able. thanks you)

Make That Move!!

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