LoveLife Part 2: “Just the way you are”

One feedback card from a first time guest at this weeks LoveLife message from Song of Songs read: “A most interesting and convicting message that has made change on the inside.” – wow… trust this will bless you too.

This part of the song starts with “I” and its all about you as the vital ingredient of your preset and future relationship, because as the saying goes: Wherever you go, there you are!

First, here’s a summary of some rich relationship truth that we read between the loveliness of the text from Song of Songs 1v5 to 2v1:

  1. “The way YOU are” makes all the difference in your LoveLife
  2. You must and can take responsibility for “the way you are”
  3. Woman, you must love Him “the way he is”…
  4. Man, you must love her “the way she is”…
  5. “The way you are” is what you have to offer…
  6. You are loved “Just the way you are”

A few thought on this, and if you want the whole of it, download the audio message & PowerPoints from our website for free, or watch the video below:

She starts by saying “I am dark (v5) … and ends by saying “I am the rose of Sharon…” – How you “see” yourself and what you believe about yourself is SO important. If you don’t love/like yourself, how can you expect anyone else to love/like you? What and who are you allowing to define you? When you look into the mirror of life, what do you see?

We desperately need a reality check on the images presented to us through the media today (see Dove video clip in message). Your true value is in your uniqueness and who you are in Christ Jesus. Don’t let anyone or anything define who you are, other than Him and His word about you. Make a decision to take off any “veil” your are wearing and be the rose of Sharon that you are!

Cultivate your own “vineyard” today so that you have “fruit” to offer in your relationship. Never just be a consumer. Above all else, remember that you are love “just the way you are.” Romans 5v8. This is the love that will change you from the inside out… resulting in you the most attractive you to your present or future spouse…

We video’d the message in Hammersmith, so take a look below (it includes the 3 video clips we used during the message) – your feedback would be appreciated so we can determine if the video is something worth doing…

One thought on “LoveLife Part 2: “Just the way you are”

  1. Tobi


    the video is great. Works really well with the power point slides…..i really enjoyed it. Definately better than only audio.

    Looking forward to next week’s sermon.

    Thank you

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