LoveLife Part 1: “I still haven’t found what I’m looking for”

Our LoveLife series got off to a great start with wine flowing and even champagne flowing in some congregations… you just don’t know whats going to happen in this series!

Here’s last weeks intro video, followed by a few summary thoughts from the message…

A few key thoughts from this session as we looked at Song of Songs chapter 1 verses 1-4

Like Solomon, we all have a song.

  • We all have a love story. Today you have a past, and a present, and the good news is that with Gods truth and wisdom and healing power, your future does not have to be dictated by your past… Whether you are single, married, divorced, separated, living with someone,  homosexual, heterosexual, bi-sexual, old, young, hurting, disappointed, happy, fulfilled, bitter, ….whatever… I am 100% convinced that the truth and wisdom shared in this series will make a positive impact on your future in many ways.

We were created for relationship.

  • “Let him kiss me… bring me into the king’s chamber.” She gets straight to the point. Our sexual passions confirm and remind us that we were created for relationship. She says that what she has found in “better than wine.” We all need to decide what is the “better than” that we are looking for. are we drinking cheap wine, whatever is on offer (pornography, lust, one night stands, adultery, fornication [which = all sex outside of a marriage covenant between a man & woman], fantasy, masturbation), or will we hold out for the “better than”?   Decide today that your sexual passions are a great treasure, and that you will only give them to the “better than”.

We all need help

  • Her friends say “we will run after you”. (v4) on this journey of relationships it’s not just about finding the right man or woman, but also about having the right friends, and being in a community which encourages, protects and helps you. ultimately your relationships are your personal choice and your responsibility, but a mature response to your passions and desire for relationship should be: I need help!

Jesus on relationships:

  • Jesus was once by a bunch of Pharisees about relationships. they asked Him whether it “is lawful for a man to divorce his wife just for any reason”. he answers by saying “Have you not read…” (Matthew 19v1-6) Religion and a bunch of laws will never be the real answer to any relationship issue. It could not solve our relationship breakdown with God, and it’s not the answer to any other relationship problem. Many people want to know the law on “how far can we go”? etc. But it must start in the heart. Jesus answered with “have you not read.”  He reveals the truth of Gods word which brings freedom to the heart, and wisdom and understanding to the mind, so that we don’t do stupid things which screw up our lives and the lives of others as we go on this adventure of relationships. We need help, and the great Helper is passionate about helping you enter into an intimate fulfilling relationship with your heavenly father, and also with every relationship here in this world.

For my message on this, download my message (or one from our other pastors) here.

Part 2 next week! “Just the way I am”

In part two we talk about “Just the way I am.” How do you feel about yourself? We cover Ch 1v5 – 2v1. She goes from saying “I am dark…(1v5) to “I am the rose of Sharon… 2v1). Accepting your unique self, as well as your partners unique self, and learning to “keep your own vineyard” is a vital part of any fulfilled present or future relationship.  Bring your friends – it’s going to ROCK!

What do you think this songs trying to say – what do you agreed with, and not?

Remember, send us all your relationship questions either to this blog, to our FaceBook LoveLife event page , or text us on 0775 1727 659. We’ll try to answer the questions online and as part of the coming messages, so bring them on!

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