Fight For Your Fruit

Then Jesus said to them, “Don’t you understand this parable? How then will you understand any parable? The farmer sows the word…

This is from Mark 4v13, where Jesus answers His disciples who are asking him to explain the meaning of the story / parable he has just told about a farmer who sowed seed, and how it fell on four different types of soil, resulting is different measures of harvest. Jesus replies saying “if you don’t get this, how are you going to get anything?” ie this is how spiritual truth works: The farmer (God) sows seed (Gods Word), and that seed has the potential to produce a harvest (all Gods works in you and through you, his plans, purposes, destiny, fruit, etc). There is no other way to “get” fruit.

But there is an enemy after your harvest, and you must FIGHT FOR IT! If he can get to your seed, he has your harvest. How you receive and protect and fight for your seed will determine whether you see Gods harvest in and through your life.

So here’s some truth to help you see whats going on and how you need to fight for your fruit (you can listen to this message on audio and see the Powerpoint slides here):

Jesus explains that as the seed is sown, the following happens (read the passage here):

  • Some seed falls on the pathway – and SATAN COMES... solution: RECEIVE Gods word, soften your heart.
  • Some seed falls on rocky places – and TROUBLE/ PERSECUTION COMES… solution: ROOT yourself deeply in Gods Word, go deeper
  • Some seed falls amongst weeds/thorns – and OTHER THINGS “COME IN“… solution: RENEW your mind consistently, seed & weed.
  • other seed falls on good soil – HARVEST COMES!!!

Notice the following:

  • Seed on the pathway: Satan is always against you and after your seed. The issue here isn’t the devil, but the hardness of your heart. Where the heart is hard the seed cannot penetrate so it lies on the surface and is snatched away. Where have you hardened your heart so that you will not hear? Do you have any “no go” areas for God in your life? Maybe its in your relationship, your finances, your bitterness, your anger, a particular sinful habit? If you don’t let the Word in, you wont have a harvest. If you surrender and let it in to even difficult and painful places, you’ll be amazed at the harvest that can come.
  • Seed on rocky (shallow) soil: There will always be persecution and pressure on everyone who is a believer and takes a stand on the Truth. The issue isn’t the persecution, but whether you will live shallow or deep in God. It’s about devotion. About full on baptism immersion into all things of God. Shallow living wont produce a harvest. “An oak tree is just an acorn that held its ground.” Go deeper.
  • Seed amongst thorns / weeds: The world has loads of “trojan horses” on offer to the believer. Compromise and deception and distraction is always on offer. These things always want to “come in”, and when you let them in they will begin to choke your fruit and as Jesus says you “become unfruitful.” They promise you fruit but never deliver. You need to wake up and see the deception of what is being offered, and say NO. When the enemy says: “God really say?”, you must boldly reply: “YES HE DID!” And when he says: “You will not die”, you must boldly reply: “YES I WILL!”  Stop being deceived by all the stuff of this world. Renew your mind daily so you don’t get deceived. Don’t let them in and compromise your harvest. Keep them out, and you’ll see an awesome harvest!

I believe that this is a season of fruitfulness for many individuals and churches. But the enemy is after your harvest. Be awake. Keep “seeding and weeding”. “Good soil” is simply a heart that receives Gods Word by faith, and keeps hardness, shallowness, and compromise out, trusting the Lord of the harvest who give the increase. Do this, and you will see an amazing harvest of Kingdom fruit. FIGHT FOR IT!

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