Hey all you guys out there – its just over a week to go until the IGNITE MENS DAY – on Saturday 15th May.

Here’s my “NO SALAD” (no edits/music/labels) invite to all males:

(the “with salads” promo version is on our website…):

OK… there was a bit of salad at the end… but not much… now come on: REGISTER HERE NOW TODAY!!!

Tell the girls you’re busy that day, switch off the TV, forget the shopping, let the lawn grow… and Girls, get your male friends/boyfriends / husbands signed up… let your man out of the dog-box if he’s in one… I guarantee that you wont regret it!

Join us and wake up your heart with some good fun, action, friendships, food, life-application input, and a supercharge to your body, soul & spirit! There’s action & adventure in the morning, a spit-roast lunch, a memorable life lesson with a world class thoroughbred horse, a powerful God-encounter, and ending with a bonfire & “boerewors” rolls… all this for only £10 (£5 students, free if you’re unemployed – mail us off website in you need this.)

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