Launching The FaithWorks Revolution…

We’ve completed the “JAMES ONE: Reality Faith” series – now its time to “do what it says” – here’s a reminder of the messages we’ve done in this series (Download here to catch up):

  1. “James BONDservant” – v1
  2. “FAITHing the trial of life” – v2-4
  3. “The way of wisdom” – v5-8
  4. “Kingdom Economics” (Michael Swain @6PM) – v9-11
  5. “Exposing the deception of temptation” – v12-19
  6. “Listen – can you hear Him?” – v19-22

And the final message from v22-27 is the shortest message I’ve ever preached:  “Lets do what it says”, from verse 22: Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says.” “IT” = the Scriptures, so we read “Do what the Scripture says.”

Imagine with me if we believers/disciples simply “did what the Scripture says”. There would be a revolution – a “FaithWorks” revolution!   Revolution means “a period of major change”; “the overthrow of government” (not Labour! but the “current rule over your life and works.”)

I had a quick look through the book of James and found the following “Faith Works” the Scripture tells us to do:

  1. Do something for someone “without family”  (1:27)
  2. Do something for “a poor man with filthy clothes” (2:3)
  3. Express “Love your neighbour as yourself” (2:8)
  4. Show mercy to someone who deserves judgement (2:13)
  5. Buy a homeless person a meal (2:16)
  6. Make peace with someone (3:18)
  7. Humble yourself  (4:10)
  8. Bite your tongue and refrain from speaking evil of someone (4:11)
  9. Make right a financial wrong (5:4)
  10. Choose joy over complaining (5:9)
  11. Be true to your word, even if it hurts (James 5:12)
  12. Offer to pray for someone who is sick (5:15)
  13. Pray for a miracle (5:17)
  14. Connect with someone who is distant from God (and invite them to a Sunday Service, Connect Group, or the Alpha Course) – (5:20)
  15. Other: __________________________

So here’s the (short) message: (Let’s Just) Do what it says (and see what happens!!) Amen. Thats it.

Practically: Take up the challenge: Deliberately look for opportunities to do at least one or more of these FaithWorks each week in May, and share your FaithWorks story on as a comment here or on your congregation FaceBook page, and we’ll give time for it on Sundays too. Come on, lets see if Faith Works?! Its not about earning points with God, or boasting, or anything like that. Its about becoming more aware of the world around you and more of the blessing you can be… there are amazing opportunities all around you… so just do it, and see what happens!

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