Going Back to our roots!

This Sunday we’re going back to where it all started in London 17 years ago – at Imperial College in South Kensington – as our 6PM service moves back into the exact same building where we started the church and Bible School back in 1993.

Simon Bardone and team team have done an excellent job to build the momentum for this move and its so much in line with our passion and desire to see our campus ministry go to another level here in West London.

Inside this window is where we started church and Bible School in 1993.. Behind the photographer here is the Royal Albert Hall - next stop?!
Early days in our very first venue... with '2or 3" gathered together... check our the hairstyle & worship leader!!!!

I believe that there is such a “redemptive purpose” for this piece of land purchased by the royal consort prince Albert in after the great exhibition in Hyde Park in 1851 (hence the name “Exhibition Road” leading past Imperial College). From the proceeds he purchased a large piece of land which now encompasses the area from the Royal Albert Hall, The Science Museum, Natural History Museum, the V&A, and of course Imperial College – with a stated purpose of “the advancement of the Arts and Sciences to the glory of God.” Of course today there is much advancement of the arts and sciences through these world renowned institutions, but there is definitely no “to the glory of God” going on. Thats what we want to play our part in!

There’s one thing that is guaranteed for this new service: The music will be MUCH better!!! But the passion and mission remains exactly the same!

Thank you to all who have been a part of the journey so far – Is there anyone out there who attended church or Bible School in this venue?

Our 5 current Greater London congregations in 2010

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