World AIDS Day.. and a Hope Challenge Update…

Today is Worlds Aids Day, and I went to attend a special service in St Paul’s Hammersmith where I met some good folks working with AIDS affected people right here in our part of London. It highlighted to me how important our current “HOPE CHALLENGE” initiative is.

UPDATE: We’ve raised 52% of the £7,000! The Hammersmith congregation Sunday “soup, bread & cake” lunch raised over £900! Cake sale in Stratford raised £160!  Liz Lugt ran her Money Management Seminar last Saturday and raised £440 through the registration fees! And, the Siku paintings were auctioned off at £400! Well done all and thanks for giving so generously.

Coming up is our Movie Night this Friday, and this Sunday I am organising some of our teenagers to have a table at a car boot sale in Chiswick – if you have any good quality not-too-big items to add for sale, please get them to the Every nation Offices by the end of Fridays Movie Night.

If you need some motivation to give or do something to raise cash, read this piece from the Village of Hope staff blog – it says it all…

We have a new baby…

We have been working with a very needy mother in our community, unfortunately this young lady has full blown AIDS and the virus has attacked her eyesight and she is now blind…..she has also just given birth to a 4 week premature baby, born last saturday in our local hospital….she was discharged that same day with the new born……!

the mum is now in thembacare receiving some much needed support from the wonderful team there and she realises that she cannot support this child and is happy to place him up for adoption, however for the foreseeable future we will help her as we take this precious one into our care at the village of hope until all the red tape has been sorted (and that could take some time)…..

please pray for this mum, her child and the team here on the village of hope as we seek to do our best for her and her baby, that she might be fully restored and that this child might grow up in a family who can provide him with a bright future….thanks

JOIN US…TAKE THE HOPE CHALLENGE... YOU CAN GIVE ONLINE HERE TODAY… (Please mention that it is for “The Hope Challenge”) Thanks!

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