Take the Hope Challenge this Christmas

Here in London we have a goal for this Christmas: To raise £7,000 towards the work at the “Village of Hope” in the town of Grabow, outside of Cape Town in South Africa.

This money will go towards three key areas:

  • £3,000 towards the foundations of much needed new volunteers accommodation
  • £3,000 towards the annual support of London-sent full-time staff Daz & Lise Muir
  • £1,000 for new playground equipment for the AIDS clinic children based on the Village of Hope.

Can you / your church / company join us and give towards the HOPE CHALLENGE and make a significant difference to the AIDS affected kids this Christmas?  Come on, together we can make a difference – for giving and other details check our website here.  And check out this video that I took when Ali & I visited the VOH a year ago…

By the way: From our regular offerings received Every Nation Church London will match the first £3,000 given towards the goal. Over £1,000 has already been received by mid November, so come on, get creative and GIVE HOPE!

PS – If you are doing something special (Like the moustaches growing in the Stratford congregation!) – let us know with a comment below, or on my FaceBook.

2 thoughts on “Take the Hope Challenge this Christmas

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