Crossing Over…

Crossing Over BackgroundLast Sunday our new preaching series called “Crossing Over” launched with just great all round services in all of our London congregations. The message was about REVELATION: How and what the cross reveals to us about God.   In our Hammersmith congregation I focussed on the cross revealing that:

  • God loves unconditionally
  • God is THE friend and Saviour of sinners
  • God is ALIVE!

This revelation has the power to change so much in your life as you begin to understand how much Gods loves you and what he did for you, and that His cross was “vicarious”, meaning that “it was an act on behalf of another” – in this case you and me and every human ever. Download my message and PowerPoints here

This Sundays Crossing Over message is about the VICTORY of the cross. I’ll do the first part about Christ’s victory on the cross, and Ali will do the second part looking at how we can live in Christs victory…

Come and hear and experience how you ARE more than a conqueror in Christ!

All our Sunday service details here

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