Help us with the Hope Challenge for Christmas

We’re raising £7,000 towards the Village of Hope by Christmas!

Most of us have lived with some type of financial squeeze this year, yet of course ours is nothing in comparison to the billions around the world who live below the poverty line in desperate squalid conditions. At Every Nation London we have a three pronged commitment to those in need, and we call these :

  • LOVE LOCAL – Our congregations meeting local community needs
  • LOVE EUROPE – Ministering to the poorest in Europe, currently focussed on the Carpathian mountains near Lviv
  • LOVE THIRD WORLD – Partnering with Thembalitsha’s Village of Hope in Grabow, South Africa

Our Christmas Giving this year is towards the Village of Hope, and our goal is to raise £7,000 towards some key development needs here. Check out details on our website here, and to see the project, watch the video below which I put together after Ali & visited the Village of Hope last December.

Lets see how inventive we can be in raising some cash and being a blessing to those who desperately need it. Please Join us in giving generously: Take up the Hope Challenge.

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