Announcing a potential building plan – Please Pray!

Today at our morning service I announced that our finance board is preparing to make an offer on a building in North End Road W14 for our Hammersmith congregation!  OK, the building isnt actually on the market yet with a definite price tag, so we need some serious favour and are simply asking you to PLEASE PRAY for this opportunity:

  • That doors would open according to Gods will
  • That we’d have planning permissions favour with the local council departments
  • That as a congregation we will have the vision, faith, and sacrificial service and giving to boldly step into this opportunity if this door opens for us.
  • Pray for experienced & qualified volunteers to take their place on the team as the project unfolds
  • Pray for wisdom to commission the right professionals required for the project.
  • Pray for the financial provision & plans
  • Pray that whatever happens, we will continue to make disciples of all nations…

We have done all necessary preparations and are convinced that this building will be an ideal base for all that we feel called to do in this part of West London. The vision is to develop a high quality community, youth & worship centre which will be an ideal base for effective service and ministry to continue fulfilling Gods plans for us. It will be an incredible blessing to the community, to young people, and to our church family in London and beyond.

A few details:

  • 112-114 North End Road W14 – identified by Continental Coachworks business on top floor, behind The Carphone Warehouse.(Please don’t all try to go inside!) It’s about 150 meters from the West Kensington Underground station (It doesn’t come up clearly on Google maps)
  • Over two floors, about 15,000 square foot total floor area
  • Rough initial total project costs for purchase & redevelopment will be between £4-5 million.
  • We are probably looking at an auditorium with seating capacity of about 400, with additional large community centre / youth facilities.  (So with multiple weekend services we can grow to many times our current size – while we continue to plant ten other congregations around the greater London area!)

As I said, we are convinced that this could be a very suitable property for our purposes, and we will therefore be approaching the owner with an offer to purchase. So please join us in prayer for favour with God and with man.


Thank you for joining us on another chapter of this great God adventure!



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