I’ve joined (another) cult…

It’s been coming for a while now: My growing dissatisfaction with they way things are, and knowing that there must be more than this. So this week I finally made the commitment: I joined the Apple Mac Cult… Why?

  1. I was very attracted to the seeming simplicity of it all. The sleek lines, all-under-one-roof design & build concept…
  2. I need some change – I was (and still am) a bit daunted by the challenge to learn a whole new way of working (and so are some of my colleagues – not everyone’s going to be in favour of your decisions are they?!).  It does take a bit of guts to make such a big change at my age, but I’m committed not to gut stuck in any ruts “just because I’ve always been in one”…
  3. What I had has served me well for many years (HP Tablet, probably had one for past 9 years!) – but there are times in life when you simply need to upgrade in order to keep up. Me & my HP Tablet were one, and have travelled the world together for many years, but you cant get too attached to tools when you are pursuing a higher purpose…
  4. I wanted something with a really good reputation for solid performance – I considered the MacAir – real light & funky (& expensive!), but then considered what I really need and that and I’m not into light & fluffy with little substance, even if it would get me some extra attention (I got loads of this via my cool Tablet, even this week still…) – I know its OK for some (Steve, Frans, etc), but not for me…I’m into the REAL THING… (Is this how we divide within the cults once we’ve joined????)…
  5. Finally, I joined the cult largely because of the constant , genuine and intriguing enthusiasm of adherents. It really seemed to have changed their lives… could it really change mine too?

Have you joined yet? why? why not?

5 thoughts on “I’ve joined (another) cult…

  1. claudine

    Congratulations, Wolfi….you won’t look back! (And, don’t worry, the Lord will repay you for those 9 computer years that the locust has eaten…..)

  2. Brandon Hoybach

    Wolfi, I have been debating back and forth for a while now. My laptop is on the edge of collapse and I am in need of the new one. One reservation I share with you is having to learn a whole new system. But the biggest hurdle is the price! Use to getting something really good for under $1000. Let me know how it goes for you, I will be following your comments closely.

  3. Pierre Venter

    Wolfi, if I may add something to the discussion…

    Apple Macs are really really expensive. They are, Apple knows this. But so is your time and energy (and patience). Its a really a cost/benefit issue, a business decision. How much money does hours and hours of fixing Windows problems cost? Reformatting every few months (then needing to reinstall everything), driver problems, programs crashing, viruses (pretty much non-existent in Macs), to name a few headaches for Windows users. The ease of use of Apple, without technical hassle, cannot be over-looked, especially over the long run.

    I recently took the plunge (still feeling the financial sting), 3 weeks later I am already far more productive, on an entirely new system, than I ever was on Windows (never used a Mac before). The programs all just intergrate seamlessly with each other.

    Microsoft is a jack of all trades and a master of none. Except MS-Office, they are pretty good there.

    If you can afford it, the 13″ Macbook (aluminium) is the way to go (15″ even better). You can always install Windows (via bootcamp) if things dont work out for you. 😉

    Something to leave you with, and no, I dont work for Apple, just suffered too much at the hands of Microsoft 😉




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