Have you got an “I’m ready” attitude

A few thoughts from last Sundays message entitled “Developing an I’m ready” attitude:

When the Apostle Paul needed someone to send to help the Philippian church, two names sprang immediately to mind: Timothy & Epahroditus.  In chapter 3 he lists some qualities in these 2 which singled them out for the task at hand:

  • Timothy: he “sincerely cared”… “sought the things of Christ (vs his own)”… had a “proven character”… and “served with me”…
  • Epaphroditus:He was a “fellow brother”… a “fellow worker”…a “fellow soldier”… and made no excuses to quit even though “he was sick almost to death.”

Both these men were ready when required. To be ready means:

  • To be prepared (with good foundations, solid equipping, worthwhile experience, etc)
  • To be available (To say “Here I am Lord”, vs “Let me first just go and…”)

I remember how ready Ali & I were in the season when God called us out to London, how we put every cent/penny/Rand in to make this mission possible, holding nothing back. It was an exciting adventure, living on the edge where the only option was God doing what He said He would do. It’s great to look back, but today I must ask myself: Do I still have that “I’m Ready” attitude? Or is my life so organised that even God Himself cannot rearrange it? I used to give so obediently and spontaneously and generously – do I still have that attitude? I use to need God to do something radical every week in order to keep the ministry going – do I still need/expect that? If Jesus were to walk past me today and call: “Come follow Me”… would I be ready (prepared & available) to respond to whatever great adventure He wills to lead me into.

The Lord asks you and I today: “Whom can I send? Who will go for us?”  (Isaiah 6:8)

Lets respond today and say again:  Use me. Send me. I’m ready Lord.


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