You Battle to Build Pt 2: Stay on the Wall…

Your battle to build II (3)

Our Battle to Build series seems to be a real word in season. In this part 2 I try to show that once you are “building”, you have to battle to stay on the wall, like Nehemiah in ch 6v1-4.

I speak about two things which you need to stay on the wall: “Strain” (Philippians 3:12-14)  & “Restraint” (Proverbs 29v18). Without these you will not be “made a disciple” nor will Jesus be able to use you as a “living stone” to build His church. Jesus said NO to sin, and YES to the joy set before Him. What have you said yes to which you should have said no to? What YES do you need to get a fresh revelation of so that like Nehemiah you will be so drawn to what you have chosen, that all other distracting & destroying voices and sin will loose their power to drawn you off your wall into the valley of life? Come on. you we born and born again to build and to stay on the wall…

Download full audio of “Your Battle to Build” part 2 messagae & Powerpoint slides here

Coming up on Sundays:

  • This Sunday in Hammersmith 10.30 Service: Tim & Maz Walker share their amazing “Village of Hope” story – going to be moving and challenging!
  • Final Part 3 of “Your Battle to Build” will be on Sunday 26th – come and hear/see the TRUMPET!
  • August: Our new “Phlipin’ Attitudes” series… watch this space!

One thought on “You Battle to Build Pt 2: Stay on the Wall…

  1. Wolfi,hello from across the pond in Texas and Valley Creek Church. Truly inspiring words brother. I think if we all took time to reflect on things we said YES to, but should have said NO to, we would draw a picture of our inperfect and sinful lives. We should all be so thankful that Jesus Christ died for our sins so that we would not have to ourselves. So once you start building, stay on the wall, be a living stone and say YES to things that will spread the Kingdom of God!

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