Sitting down… in Washington DC

I’m in Washington DC for a few days at our Every Nation North America conference.

My daily reading the day I arrived was from Acts 13, and verse 14 caught my attention, where Paul arrives in Antioch, goes into the tabernacle on the Sabbath day AND SAT DOWN.

I dont often find myself in Christian meetings without any responsibilities, or a day without a long do do list. As a Christian / pastor / leader / preacher / visionary-type-who-has-more-ideas-than-resources I am seldom just walking into anywhere and just SITTING DOWN. But that’s what I’m doing here. I’ve got no specific responsibilities here, and besides a few key conversations I need to have and connections I need to make in preparation for some key events in the next 12 months, I am just SITTING DOWN and soaking it up. Its great (but I do itch just a little bit to…)

 I have a fairly healthy habit of sitting down every morning with Jesus and His Word before all the other demands of the day begin to drive me, and without this my getting up would soon wear me out.  I set my desire on those times. I pray that I’ll keep growing the habit of SITTING DOWN. We do need to become better at sitting down. Jesus said to Martha that this was the “one thing that is needed.”

It’s interesting that after Paul had SAT DOWN, that the next verse tells how the synagogue leaders soon asked Paul and his friends to SAY SOMETHING, and the result was tremendous revival.  Often we want to SAY before we SIT. Sitting down first helps you to:

  • Listen, so you understand the real questions / context
  • Be “slow to speak” so that you only say that which really builds up and is helpfull
  • Receive from others who are speaking
  • humble yourself

Also, this reminds you that you don’t have to push your way to prominence – God will make a way for your ministry opportunity in his perfect timing.  Just make sure you’re not sitting down when you should be standing or walking…

So join me…and SIT DOWN at the right time and place with Jesus…And when you do get to SAY something, it may be just a little buit more impacting… it could be your launching pad to the great things you’re dreaming of.

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