How to be excited about church in the UK!

King David wrote in the Psalms that he was glad when they said to me, let us go to the house of the Lord!”  (Psalm 122:1) Here’s a glimpse of what that may sound like today, as non-church-goer Chris Moyles, well known UK broadcaster/ author/DJ  gets onto the topic of “church” on his popular Radio One talk  show… imagine what would happen if we were that excited about our churches…

One thought on “How to be excited about church in the UK!

  1. Vivi

    That’s great!! May we, Every Nation group of churches everywhere be so full of the resurrected life of Christ, so happy and enthusiastic preaching and living the Gospel message that others like Chris Moyles will be amazed and inspired by us all and more importantly will desire to know more about it!

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