We’ve had four weeks of great teaching and ministry looking at “the other side of Jesus” here in London.   Unfortunately most The Other Side of Jesus (on white).compressedpeoples understanding of God is a misunderstanding, but Jesus said that “If you have seen Me you have seen the Father,” so one clear way to know what God is really like is to consider some of the words and actions of Jesus, which is what this series is about.  We looked at “Jesus partied”, “Jesus cursed”, “Jesus slept” and this past Sunday we literally whipped it up with “Jesus whipped” . This by the way was not about how angry God is, but about how passionate God is to clear the way for you to know Him like you can and should and want to (Definitely worth a listen to on the download of my message here) Once the dust had settled on Jesus’ whipping in the temple, all that was left for us today is the bread and the cup, which we do in remembrance of Him who died for us and who will come again…

We’re adding another part to this series this coming Sunday 17th May, entitled “JESUS HEALED”, because we firmly believe that Jesus was and is more than a man or a great Jesus healedteacher or a significant prophet:  He is God and therefore by definition He works supernaturally, including miraculous healing, miracles, supernatural gifts of the Holy Spirit like prophetic words of insight, knowledge & wisdom which cannot be known by the natural senses.

I invite you to come to any of our four services in London this weekend and trust Jesus for a supernatural touch of healing and ministry. Pray with us for entering into a fresh season of signs and wonders following and confirming the preaching of Gods word, resulting in disciples being made…

Have you got a testimony to share?  If you do have a healing testimony, or any other testimony of experiencing God supernaturally in any way, please write it as a comment below, or as a message on my Facebook this week sometime.  If Gods done something for you – tell us and tell the world!

22 thoughts on “JESUS HEALS

  1. Heidri

    Hi Wolfi, Pastor William says that last year October during their healing meetings, they saw some healings – a woman with a skin rash that she’s had for a long time all over her body – it just dissapeared. A woman with athelete’s foot very badly, one foot became completely healed before their eyes and the other one became better. There were numerous other smaller ones too.
    There is also a group in Wales that have seen healings recently –
    They have videos where they pray for sick people on the street where God shows them through a word of knowledge what sickness it is and they get healed. I’m not completely sure what kind of healings, best would be to phone them and find out.

  2. YES! It is by the faith of the BELIEVER praying for the UNBELIEVER and by faith of the BELIEVER being prayed for by BELIEVERS that we are healed! …..

    As for my testimony of healing… the Lord delivered me from ADD, allergies, migraines to name a few of the usual things people call “normal”. Not to mention the fact that He has delivered me from the pattern of self-righteousness, hypocracy, pride, selfishness that I struggled with all my life! He continues to move daily to get me to where He has called me to be and I long for the day and HOPE for the day that He will say “well done my good and faithful servant, Sue”. What greater joy and honor is there, than to have the Father of all fathers say something like that to … ME!! 🙂

  3. Yes He does! And we should lay hands on the sick and pray more, as that is what Jesus taught.

    Sometimes God, in His great wisdom and mercy, physically heals in evident ways. But sometimes God, in His great wisdom and mercy, doesn’t do that, frankly. Sometimes He has some other plan in mind, and the “good gifts” He gives are of a different flavour than what we “trusted” for. This can cause quite some turmoil, as we try to mentally bridge the gap between expectation and reality.

    This can be the critical point where we see what our faith is like. If we question how much faith we had, whether it was enough, whether it was our fault that God apparently did not answer what we passionately prayed about… then I wonder whether our idea of faith was correct in the first place.

    Instead, we trust the Giver of Good Gifts, and trust His choice of gift for a given situation is “better” than we can understand. Rom 8:28. Remember faith is IN GOD, not FOR STUFF. It’s the spirit of Daniel’s friends – God will save us from the fire, but EVEN if he doesn’t, we still won’t bow down and worship you. Their faith was in God Himself, not in whether He saved them or not.

    Looking forward to the message Wolfi, will catch up online. I’m very confident you’ll have wisdom and experience for this very important topic.

  4. Yes He does! I’ve been training for a 10Km run and have been struggling with my left foot. Not sure what happened but I could hardly step on it after a nice long run. I would rest it for a while, try again and still the pain would come back. So last week I decided enough is enough. Jesus is My healer and I’m going go out running, confessing healing scriptures all the way and trust that God will do the rest. I confessed “blessed are the feet of Him who brings the good news of the Gospel”, “… by the stripes of Jesus I am healed …” At first, it seems as though it was getting worse but I did not give in. I knew that God could do this for me! I came back after that run and it was MUCH better than all the previous times. The following day my foot was completely healed! Praise God! Yvette

  5. Claudine Shiels

    God is a healer and He does heal supernaturally. We have to, in faith and obedience, fervently pray for the sick, the diseased and the dying, in accordance with Scripture.

    However, we have to remember that God limits Himself to answering our prayers only insofar as it would be for our ultimate good and the outworking of His greater and bigger plan for the Kingdom.
    God does everything in perfection and according to His higher thoughts and higher ways.
    This is why it is essential for our faith to be in HIM, and not only in one or two aspects of His perfect character.

    Our faith should be in Almighty God, not only in God the Healer. The greater faith says that God is ALWAYS good; ‘He gives and He takes away, and may His name be forever praised.’ (Job 1:21).

    God often uses great supernatural healing and wonders to reach the lost and display His great love and abundant life on earth.
    But He also uses suffering, trials, afflictions and great sorrow for exactly the same purposes.
    And through it all, we can always trust in His goodness and His love.
    “Though He slay me, I will trust in Him.” (Job 13:15).

    When we pray for the sick and they do not get well, it helps to remember that the greater prayer and heart cry of that person to the Father could have been ‘use my life for your Glory and Your purposes.’

    Their suffering or death may well be achieving exactly that!

  6. Corné Pretorius

    Some testimonies:

    We’ve started doing “treasure hunts” at our church as a way of evangelism. We come together and ask the Lord to give us certain clues (words of knowledge) about people so we can go and pray and minister the love of Jesus to them. It is so much fun as God gives us clues about our treasures i.e. sore knee, yellow shirt, butchery. We would act on these clues and then go to the places and look for the people that match the clues. Last week 3 teenage girls “treasure hunt clues” lead them to a shop where they prayed for a deaf Muslim man for healing. Here’s their story:
    3 young girls approached him. They were nervous so first asked him where the Donuts where. He was standing behind the counter. They were talking about him, and he was growing suspicious so started looking at them. Eventually, then decided to speak to him. They explained to him what they were doing, and that they felt that he fitted their clues and so was the treasure. They asked him if he had a problem with his hearing. He said that he was 100% deaf in one ear, and 30% deaf in the other. They asked if they could pray for him and he said yes. So, the one girl leaned over the counter and put her hand on his ear. His ear started to get burning hot. She prayed for him, and then clicked her fingers next to his ear, and he could hear! The Holy Spirit started to come on him and he started to feel a bit weak. This made him nervous and because he was at work, he didn’t want to fall down so he got the girls to stop praying and leave him! The next day he phoned the church claiming he was completely healed!
    A few weeks ago I prayed at one of our services for a lady who came in on crutches with torn ligaments in her ankle – God healed her instantaneously. He is so good. Afterwards she was running and jumping praising God!
    Last year Jenni witnessed to a lady in our housing complex. She gave her life to the Lord and shortly afterward we prayed for her deaf ears. One night after that she awoke to the sound of wind. She realised that she could hear and went straight to her 3 year old’s room and woke him up to hear his voice for the first time. Praise God.
    A lady in our church was walking down the street when she believed God gave her a word of knowledge about a man that had walked past her. She believed that God wanted to heal his ears. She ran after him and realized that he was deaf. She prayed for him and there in the street he fell over under the power of God and started shaking. His ears were healed and she then started getting other words of knowledge about his digestive system. He asked if he could come and meet her husband and the rest of the family. When he did the next day, he told them that he had been healed of the digestive system problem too. Hallelujah!
    Nigel and one of our elders travelled to Port Elizabeth (3hrs away) to pray for a young girl (14yrs) who had landed up in ICU with Meningitis, Encephalitis and Myelitis all at the same time. The doctors feared for her life, or that she may be paralyzed for life. When they prayed for her an incredible, tangible presence of the Lord came into the hospital room and they knew that God had healed her. Before they prayed she couldn’t talk or move or feel her hands or feet; she had been slipping in and out of consciousness. Straight afterwards she started slight movements and from then on made steady progress to recovery. The virus had been slowly eating its way up her spinal cord and across it. If it had gone any further up it would have started to affect her vital organs. If it had gone any further across it would have eaten right through and she would have been paralysed for life. Doctors said a couple of days later that the Thursday afternoon when they had prayed was the turning point for her – the virus had just stopped. She went back to the specialist for her final checks a couple of months later and they told her and her parents that she is a miracle! She is the first case IN THE WORLD that has completely recovered from what she was diagnosed with. 1/3 die, 1/3 are severely handicapped and the other 1/3 have partial handicaps. Isn’t God SO good! We praise Him for His awesome work!
    A deaf and dumb man came to our church, wrote a letter and handed it to a leader in the congregation asking the pastors and church for prayer. He had diabetes which had left him deaf and dumb for two years. A leader brought him up at ministry time. After praying for him he started to speak – struggling at first but by the end fluently. His ears opened and he also heard clearly. Isn’t God amazing!!! When he came to our church he was travelling to his home town. On his way back, he came back to our church to testify that when he had gone to the doctor, the doctor confirmed he no longer had diabetes. In fact he arrived home at night and knocked on the door but his family wouldn’t open the door because after asking who was there and him telling them that it was their brother, they wouldn’t let him in because “their brother couldn’t speak”. God is good.
    A teenage girl in our church developed cataracts on her eyes and was scheduled for an operation for them to be removed. She received prayer from her parents’ connect group. When she went in for the surgery, they said the cataracts weren’t there anymore – only slight scars that were evidence that they had been there.
    A man prayed for an employee of his who has had HIV for a couple of years now and nearly died a year ago. Two weeks later when she went to pick up her retrovirals and they checked her blood, they couldn’t find any trace of the HIV virus. They were very confused but said she should carry on taking the pills anyhow. Now apparently it is hard to medically prove this sort of healing because one could assume that the retrovirals have just taken the count down. The only way to prove it is if she decided to go off them and carry on being tested to see if there would be any change. But there is no doubt about the fact that the only difference between when she went to the hospital the time before and the time when there was no trace of HIV, was when this man prayer for her.
    Jenni prayed for a woman with a dislocated shoulder. She could not lift her arm and was in a lot of pain. Jenni persisted in prayer and while praying a 3rd time, she felt a popping and clicking under her fingers. After that she could move her arm freely without any pain.
    A couple came to ask for prayer for their two year old son who was suffering from Asthma. After prayer he was healed and they could stop using the medication and they said their lives changed completely because they were now able to go out as much as they liked. Before they had to stay indoors a lot.
    We have had many other people whom we have prayed for with Asthma healed.
    A young man in our church prayed fro his sister who is suffering from severe depression. Since then she has come off her anti-depression pills and are completely healed.
    We have also had many backs, knees and ankles healed in church.

  7. I have had the privilidge of being at a few crusades and seen deaf people healed and blind people see. And let me tell you there is no way you can fake the look on someones face when the begin to hear again. The smile and excitment is awesome to witness. God is indeed a healing God and I long that we may see these radical healings in the UK today and regularly!!
    I believe it….. come on Jesus healed on Sunday!!!

  8. Claudine Shiels

    Thanks, Corne. The testimonies you gave are so encouraging!

    I believe that we are in the days of the ‘latter rain’ and that we are going to start seeing a huge increase in signs and wonders, but also an increase in troubles, persecution and a ‘falling away’ of many of the faithful.

    I believe that Christ’s true Bride is almost ready to be revealed to the world in all her beauty and splendour – like the moment that the guests see her for the first time just before the Wedding.

    The Lord knows those who are His and He is calling out His true church, those who believe and preach the full Gospel – she will be glorious, powerful and victorious; a display of His splendour, in sharp contrast to the horrors and terrors that will grip the world.

    He is going to show His power through those who cry out to Him day and night, in submission, petitioning Him for the latter rain to fall, for the sake of the lost!

    We are going to have to be a people who trust Him completely and absolutely. We will need confidence in His word that He will do ALL that He says He will do, including healing, because world systems; education, medical care, finance, mans’ power and abilities are going to start (and have already started) deteriorating. I believe we are on the brink of a world that is so terrifying that it will cause men’s hearts to fail them.

    And this will be the time for His church to believe Him, and allow Him to show the world, through us, all of His power, love and majesty.

  9. Sharon Leyland

    Hello Wolfie and thanks for this great opportunity to share my testimony of God’s healing in my life. God healed me supernaturally right at your church in May 2001 through a prophetic word from Pastor Jim Laffoon. What did he heal me from? A sexually transmitted disease called the human pappiloma virus (street name genital warts). I had this disease for 3 years, caught it from the guy I was in a relationship with. And it honestly hounded and pounded and devastated my life. It’s a virus so once you’ve got it you’ve got it for life and can ultimately lead to cervical cancer. So I had made a decision that I could never get married as I never wanted to pass it onto anyone and therefore would not have children either. When Pastor Jim Laffoon prophesied over me, these words stood out to me “…in fact there’s words of healing coming. There was a tormenting thing that hounded and pounded your life. There was seemingly no escape from it. You put the lid on it, you don’t like to talk about it. No one would even know it looking at you. But in this hour I am not going to expose it, but I am putting my hand under that lid right now and I am bringing healing to you says the Lord”… These words spoken from a truly gracious and loving Father to his very broken daughter… I knew in that moment that God my Father truly loved me more than I could ever imagine and that He had healed me. No doubt about that! Did I deserve the healing? No way! My sickness was a consequence of sin in my life so I never dreamt of asking God to heal me. But He chose to heal me in a very loving way without anyone knowing the disease I carried. I walked out of church that day a healed woman.

    Today I am blessed to be married to a phenomenal man and have two gorgeous children. Wow! God has blessed me in a huge way and definitely gave me a second chance through healing me. I stand amazed at His love and grace for us all.

    So to answer your question Wolfie “Do I believe that God still heals today?” YES He sure does!

  10. weckleben

    Thanks for all the testimonies and thoughts – keep posting them! I’ve hidden some of the “teaching” posts (they are appreciated thanks) as I want to keep this thread focussed on “testimonies”. So have you got a testimony of healing or an experience of God working supernaturally in/through your life, or something you witnessed? Tell us and the world about it!

  11. Corné Pretorius

    The conviction of the Holy Spirit came to me (through Jen) last night. She rightly pointed out that you were asking for testimonies and not sermons!!! Please except my humblest of apologies for writing pages and pages totally not related to the quesion. I guess its the teacher inside of me.

    Praise God, I do have a fresh testimony to share though.

    Last night at our midweek soaking service, GOD OPENED A DEAF EAR!!! A lady in our church has a ministry to street children and homeless people in our community. She brought a young man along last night that was deaf in his right ear. Some of our prayer servants prayed for him and his ear popped open on the spot. Yet, the greatest miracle of them all, we also saw some salvations last night.

  12. Andrew Holmes

    A few years back I met a man begging in front of Stratford Underground station. He was known to me so I stopped for a chat. He told me his back was killing him, and making it very hard to sleep on the park bench at night. I asked if he’d mind me praying for him. I placed my hand on his back and prayed. When done he looked up at me with wide eyes, saying he’d felt a warm sensation passing down his back while I’d been praying. Could that have been God?

  13. weckleben

    Let me share my personal healing journey: At age 18 (that was quite a few years ago!) at the end of a successful athletics season I was quite suddenly struck down with a serious form of arthritis, mainly in my knees and wrists, to the extent that I could hardly bend my knees and it was painful even writing or tying a shoe-lace for years. I had to give up all the sports I was involved in, which were probably idols anyway 😦 About a year later I first heard the Gospel and responded by giving my life to Christ and made a decision to follow Him as Lord. I learnt about His healing and prayed much, with no instantaneous healing. Yet in a fairly short time my knees healed to the extent that I was able to run at national level again (thats when I ran a mile under 4 minutes). The disease left both my wrists basically stiff and useless even until today. Yet I know that there is every reason I should be a cripple today with stiff painful knees and the arthritis all over my body, yet I am fit and running regularly witout any knee pain. I am fully convinced that God healed me in my knees and prevented the disease from doing more damage. The doctors never had an explanation for my condition – I choose to believe that prayer changed things!

  14. Kristin

    I had second and third degree burns on my arms up to my elbows and on my right foot and on the left side of my face 5years ago. When it happened it was incredibly painful, even after an injection and some VERY strong painkillers, yet I went to church the next day and was prayed for. I didn’t experience any more pain after that except for the one day i doubted and took some painkillers in anticipation of pain (i was going to a friends place and didnt want to be in pain in public)the next day i was in so much pain but my cousin and i prayed in faith that it would be taken away again and it was, the doctor and nurses could do what they wanted and it didn’t hurt (the doctor thought i was a little crazy). There were no complications and no infections and i was back at work within 3weeks and all I have left of this is a small scar on my left arm which reminds me how awesome our God is.

    1. Was touched when you told this story to me on Sunday. I too suffered from burns a few days before a Victory weekend in Dublin 2007. We prayed in the hospital whilst I sat in pain bandaged arms and legs and continued doing our ‘victory book’ preparation. The next day I had to go in to be re-bandaged and have the wounds dressed, they took the bandages off and there was nothing beneath them, no sores, marks, swelling, I was completely healed, just one small area of my arm was slightly red. Our God is a God who heals!

      1. Claudine Shiels

        Oh my, Elaine, I remember this! I remember exactly where I was when we got the message about your burns and we stopped everything and prayed for healing. We rebuked the enemy and his attempt to disrupt the victory weekend!

        I had forgotten this testimony.

  15. One straightforward testimony, and a couple of more reflective ones!

    In my first cell group, we prayed for a medic student who had back pain since spending a few months on a ship making clothes for poorer countries. We prayed for God to touch both the symptoms, and underlying causes. As a medic, she wasn’t especially sure that back aches just got healed like that. But God touched her, and she was able to dance freely the same evening.

    (Corne will know that I’m talking about Faye, who is now my wife of 4 years!)

    An interesting one: I have a story of a lady in hospital for a minor op, who was kept in a few days. We prayed for her to be let out, but it seemed that instead, minor things kept coming up… and it seemed to all that God kept her in long enough for her to tell a good number of people on her ward about God. Was this miraculous?! She was certainly happy God had used her in that way, and would say she didn’t get out too soon or too late.

    A final thought: every time I get over a cold and feel well again, I thank God that we are indeed fearfully and wonderfully made. When all is working normally, our bodies have the amazing, and often “undervalued” ability to recover themselves from things. I know this blog is on a slightly different track, but sometimes I think there are more miraculous things going on than we realise because again, we have only particular “flavours” of miracle in mind.

  16. cedric catu

    Wednesday April 2009, whilst I’m jogging around Wexham St.,I received a text message from my sister in Cebu saying that mom is not feeling well for the past few days. And shes asking as for urgent prayer for my mom. Immediately I called up back home to asked what happened to her. I tried to speak to my mom but was not able to as she was to weak to stand.
    Sunday, whilst we are preparing for the service, I asked pastor Trevor to pray for my mom. After the service, I tried to called up back home to check my moms condition. And it was my mother who answered the phone. I told her that our pastor and the church members prayed for her. She said that day she felt something from within that she cannot explained, but she notice that her strenght is back.

  17. weckleben

    Thanks for all your healing testimonies. we had wonderful services accross London last week, and look forward to continueing in all that the Spirit is doing here… please continue to post healing testimonies here…

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