Poetry from IGNITE…

Last weekend we had what was probably our best ever yet mens IGNITE weekend here at Every Nation London, with over 100 guys having an awesome time out at Henley-on-Thames. We’ll have some great photo’s up on our website soon, but one highlight was a couple of poems written over the weekend by Wayne Lurcook to express the journey…


Take His yoke… (My title) – (No not this type of yoke Rick! ….




You who feel weary

Forlorn and down

You carry your burdens

All through the towns


You’re tired of life

And what it might bring

You’ve given up hope

Not willing to sing


I’ll give you my yoke

It’s easy and light

It’s something you can carry

Throughout your life


It will teach you to be humble

And comfort your soul

It will never be heavy

But it will make you whole


You have an inheritance

That is all your own

A promise from God

That’s cut into stone


You can use it wisely

To do great deeds

Or squander it all

On your own personal needs


What ever you do

You must realise

That God is always present

By your side


He won’t let you wander

He won’t let you stray

He knows your heart

In every way



In the fire… (my title)



I’ve come to the crossroads in life Lord

From which there is no turning back




I have got some choices to make Lord

To keep me on the right track


The choices I have seem quite simple

For those who really understand

One is to give into the Devil

The other to stand like a man


To give into the Devil is easy

For sin is right there in your face

But to stand with God as your master

Is hardest when running life’s race


So the choice I have made is not that simple

But its one that has to be done

I’ve put all my sins in the fire

And placed my trust in Gods Son.




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